July 31, 2020 Bruce Goettsche

Church Growth 7.31.20

Church Growth 7.31.20

And walking in the fear of the Lord and in the comfort of the Holy Spirit, it multiplied. - Acts 9:31.

We are a society looking for the easy way. We want a program that will guarantee the growth of the church. We put in a coffee bar, change the music, adopt a more informal demeanor, and follow the pattern of growing churches. We are pursuing man-made growth! This text points to a better way.

The early church grew without gimmicks. They feared God and rested in the Holy Spirit. In other words, the focus was on the LORD rather than on the paradigm. It was anchored in prayer, not coffee; in the truth of Scripture rather than a style of music.

Maybe growing churches would make a greater impact on society if we pursued this kind of growth personally and corporately. Maybe we are looking at the wrong model!