September 16, 2020 Bruce Goettsche

Focus for a New Day 9.16.20

Focus for a New Day 9.16.20

I will ponder the way that is blameless.

Oh when will you come to me?

I will walk with integrity of heart

within my house;

I will not set before my eyes

anything that is worthless.

(Psalm 101:2–3).

Look at the "I wills" of these verses. "I will think about how to live God's way"; "I will walk with integrity"; "I will not fill my mind and heart with junk." What a good resolve for every day of life.

We spend so much time reflecting on negative things. We walk around stirred up and ready to take offense or to fight. The Psalmist proposes a much better way.

Maybe it is time to limit the news and talk shows and spend more time with the Lord. And, let's stop stewing over what others are doing and really concentrate on living the way God has called US to live. Let's be conscious of what we are feeding our minds and hearts. We can choose the life and character we want to choose, or we can do so mindlessly and destructively. The better choice is obvious.

We have our assignment! Time to get to work