April 30, 2021 Bruce Goettsche

A Better Alternative 4.30.21

A Better Alternative 4.30.21

Better to be patient than powerful;

better to have self-control than to conquer a city.

(Proverbs 16:32).

Patience and self-control. Patience comes from the firm conviction that we are in God's hands. He is at work and we can't always see or know what He is doing. There is no need to panic or push . . . the Lord will guide us if we will but rest in Him. We walk with Him day by day and can relax and enjoy the journey.

Self-control is reigning in that impulsive nature. It means controlling what we say, eliminating our tantrums, maintaining our focus, acting deliberately rather than recklessly, freeing ourselves from addictions (alcohol, drugs, junk food, porn, shopping, time wasters, social media, etc.)

Patience and self-control work well together. In a world of impulsiveness, wisdom, patience, and self-control are desperately needed. Let's walk in God's wisdom rather than the wisdom of the world.