November 18, 2021 Bruce Goettsche

The ONe to Whom it Belongs 11.18.21

The ONe to Whom it Belongs 11.18.21

“The scepter will not depart from Judah,

nor the ruler’s staff from his descendants,*

until the coming of the One to whom it belongs,*

the One whom all nations will honor.”

(Genesis 49:10)

It is hard to read the list of names in the various genealogies in the Bible. Every once in a while, we find a precious gem like the one above. This is a prophecy a couple of thousand years before the coming of Christ, and it shows us that God has a plan that will take place through all of time. Jesus was from the tribe of Judah and is the One who reigns forever and ever.

As our country argues over red and blue, as other nations install and depose rulers, it is essential to remember that only One is the true ruler overall and that one is Jesus! He is the One to whom we must be loyal. He is the King that must obey above all others. He is the One who alone can make us right with God. His blood alone satisfied the wrath of God toward sin and sinners.

Praise to the King of KIngs and Lord of Lords!