Youth Groups

We have two youth groups that meet regularly. Both groups meet on Sunday nights in the Activity Center.

The Jr. High and High School Groups have resumed in-person meetings! Both groups are meeting at 5:00 PM on Sunday nights at the Activity Center. We have had to make some changes to the format due to the pandemic, but it's good to be back meeting in person!

Our groups are structured to have a primary focus on teaching children about the Bible. While we do play games and have food as part of our meetings, those are not our primary focus. Our goal with these groups is to teach the children what the Bible teaches, but also to teach them how to think biblically about various issues, and how to share and defend their faith to others. Our hope is to prepare our students to face a world that is often hostile to the faith. Our groups are focused on discussion and relationships, rather than simply sitting in a classroom. We have a lot of fun as we're learning practical and timeless truth.

In addition, our groups do many special events. We take a mission trip each summer to somewhere in the midwest. We encourage students to attend our summer camp at the Rock River Bible Camp. We also do fun outreach events, like lock-ins, outings, cookouts, and the like. Anyone is welcome to join our groups at any time!